Layering System Explained


Just like the trails and terrain you ride your bike on, no two conditions are ever the same. Buying one set of gear and expecting it to cover every situation is like setting your bike up for a downhill track and then taking it on an XC ride - it just isn't going to work.

We developed our layering system with mixed conditions in mind. Taking inspiration from the layering practices used in skiing and snowboarding, our multi-layer jerseys allow you to set yourself up perfectly for the conditions and temperatures you are riding in that day!

Whats more, you can mix and match all of our gear to your hearts content without any dreaded colour clashes. Our colour options have been carefully chosen to look clean and crisp no matter how badly your fashion sense fails you. Leaving you to get on with the important bit - enjoying the ride.

Common Examples

A cold, windy, or wet day? Cover the compression base layer with a fleece-lined gilet to keep your core warm, and match that with some gravity pants for their water resistant properties.

A mild day out on the pedals? The mesh outer over a compression base layer will be perfect, matched with some pedal-friendly enduro pants. 

A boiling hot summers evening down at the dirt jumps? Ditch the base layer altogether and just run the enduro pants and mesh vest!