Crash replacement scheme

What is our crash replacement policy?

A crash replacement policy on MTB gear??? Really?

Yes. Really. 

We are so confident in the strength and build quality of our gear, that if you manage to crash and break it within 1 year of purchase we will give you a 40% discount when you re-order a replacement.

Just contact us via with photographs and descriptions of the damage and we will get back to support you as soon as we can.

Our priority is that you are out there riding your bike, so we will help you get a replacement as quickly as possible.

All of the crash replacement and warranty failures are used as valuable information for improving the design of our products in the future; either in the next batch of product produced, or as part of a clean-sheet design for the next generation of that product. So you are part of our R&D process in order to provide the market with the best products possible.